• The iBPMs is the consolidated and unstoppable trend that forever changes the way operations are managed in companies and organizations around the world, making them much more flexible, highly automated and extremely powerful.
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IBPMS: Intelligent business process management system
Today's businesses of all types demand smarter tools that give them more control over their operations. This demand has driven process management suites (BPMS) to provide the functionality required to manage smarter business operations, including real-time analysis, complex event processing (CEP), BAM (Business Activity Tracking) ), advanced collaboration and mobility and most importantly with no additional programming required.


It is essential to rely on a tool that provides sufficient resources to successfully complete a project. Customers, consultants, etc., need a process management system that unites business operations; a powerful and advanced system that allows them to create intelligent, integrated and logical processes.

Your solution in just 3 steps!


With our BPM, process programming is completely eliminated, because during the design of the model all the necessary programming is generated automatically, without any specialist intervention. You design the model and the process is ready to go. Three simple steps are enough: Trace your process, Define the attributes of the objects and Execute it.


BPM Digital Platform

Automation of processes


Automation of "Zero Code" business processes

Our software platform is used by business leadership teams to turn the chaos of their departments into productivity. They visually define the process flow diagrams with the procedures they want their teams to follow and we orchestrate the rest, sending the right tasks to the right people at the right time. It is the automation of processes.

 The process automation engine is enriched with management rules, analysis, document management, basic data records, content management, etc.



This type of demand management typically involves multiple processes, a lot of different scenarios, disconnected information, and different roles within and outside the organization.

Improve results and resolution times, increase customer and user satisfaction, and retain the flexibility to tailor processes to individual circumstances Manage complexity and coordinate tasks, processes and services to achieve a positive outcome. Meet service level agreements with ease, predictability, and foresight.

Dynamic Case Management 

User interface (UI)


Adapt to the fast and connected digital world

 Delight users with engaging portals on multiple devices and immediately respond to their evolving needs with great flexibility and "Zero - Code" changes on the fly.





Achieve ultimate business efficiency; work anywhere, anytime and on any device! The responsive app and forms optimize speed and efficiency with end-to-end security for a best-in-class customer experience.


Analysis and intelligent decision



Act smart by leveraging a wide range of features including native reporting, impact identification, deep BI, workload distribution, business rules, analytics, monitoring of business activity in real time ...




Choose the most complete systems to manage documents and digital content and enjoy the immediate benefits of accelerated business processes and transactions.


Document Management

Integration, Connectivity & API




Keep your information under control. Seamlessly manage documents, data repositories, content, and more, in combination with a powerful business rules engine.




Connect with all external applications and databases Easily .

Connect data to your applications with a zero code data importer and integrations. Integration with Microsoft ecosystem, SAP, Sage, Oracle, Tableau, etc 

Règles de gestion et Données

Digital Signature


The secure electronic signature has great advantages in guaranteeing the security of documents and processes essential to the running of the business (electronic invoices, emails, electronic pay slips, engagement letters, annual reports, securing balance sheets, organization of the secure electronic archiving, remote procedures, etc ...)

The secure electronic signature determines the identity of the signatory and guarantees the integrity of the legal document on which it is introduced and affixed (Da. N ° 1-07-129, 19 kaada 1428 [30 nov. 2007], art. 5). This legal act must be time-stamped (Da. N ° 1-07-129, 19 kaada 1428 [30 nov. 2007], art. 5) to obtain the same probative force as a legalized document with a certain date (Da. N ° 1-07-129, 19 kaada 1428 [30 nov. 2007], art. 5).




We take charge of the different types of digital signatures In your workflow, in order to follow the latest market standards:

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