Integrated laboratory information system (LIS) adapted to any type of organization.

Smartlis introduces into the Laboratory Information System (LIS), technologies, concepts and user experience inherited from the Internet world. Our in-depth knowledge of the laboratory allows us to offer you a completely innovative solution that goes beyond the limits of existing LIS by adopting state-of-the-art architecture and technology, combining on the one hand, all the functions of a traditional LIS and on the other hand , web technology; which characterizes SMARTLIS as a unique and essential tool for today's laboratory. With SMARTLIS, we have imagined and created a different LIS at the service of the user.





    • Particularly open dialogue with different Middleware

    • Integration with analyzers and  data managers

    • Integration with HIS (Hospital information system)

    • Integration traditional with office tools


      • Web application: Works on any browser and without any local component.

      • Multi-laboratory: Supports multi-lab organizations.

      • Adaptable to the organization of the laboratory.

      • Search technology: Google search type.

      • Management: Know the state of the laboratory via intuitive dashboards.

      • Designed with fault tolerance.

      • Horizontal scalability.

      • Traceability: Navigate through your changes.




        • ISO15189 / ISI-IEC27001 certification.

        • High security management :fault tolerance, full traceability of operations, etc.